Our Marigold Pomegranate Molasses at Waitrose


As of October this year our Marigold Pomegranate Molasses will be available at Waitrose.

From the early stages of its launch this product has demonstrated strong demand potential, and we feel that we have been a major player in bringing this wonderful ages-old ingredient to the British consumer.

As many leading U.K chefs discover its unique taste and versatility, Pomegranate Molasses is becoming widely used as ingredient in a wide range of novel and familiar recipes. Whether as a dressing on salads or to baste chicken in the oven, its tangy bitter-sweetness adds a depth of flavour to your favourite dishes that very few ingredients can.


Our Marigold Pomegranate Molasses is truly wonderful and authentic, and we hope that its finds a place in kitchens across the U.K. We also look forward to sharing more on the story behind this product and its ongoing success in later posts.


On the shelves

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