A simpler way

Accessing international markets is not a simple thing to do no matter how seasoned the food and drinks manufacturer is. Even when their products are of potential interest to buyers in those markets, the challenges that they face in effectively and sustainably getting them to consumers are many.

These challenges are not only limited to identifying the right distributor partnerships that will carry their products, they also extend to the work that is required to adequately promote and market them to retailers and ultimately consumers.

With an extensively saturated market place and volatile product life cycles, these challenges are ever the more complex and expensive to manage. And so, Equitable Gourmet is working on making life a bit simpler for the many suppliers looking to introduce and promote their products to some of the U.K’s most important food and drinks retailers.

We are excited about this project which makes use of the latest technology to bring together a family of stakeholders with a common interest.

More on this soon!

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