Lessons Learned

A New Relationship

Sometimes we forget the most basic of things!

From our experience with small producers, focus on this important aspect of growing and managing a business often lags behind other areas of concern. It is also our view ( given that a product demonstrates certain market potential), that neglecting to develop a positive relationship with your client is more often than not, the main reason behind a product’s failure to succeed.

Why are we friends?

  • Understand why your client is interested in your product. Don’t assume your product is unique!
  • Value the relationship more than you value your product. People not objects make things happen!
  • Chances are your client knows what they are looking for. This is a win-win situation but remember: people like to work with people they like.

A client in need is a friend indeed!

  • Don’t let your enthusiasm for your own product outweigh your client’s cautious optimism.
  • Friendship is for life so try to think long-term, rather than focusing on short-term gain. People build and develop businesses over time.
  • Be thankful that your client has decided to invest in you.

We have a new client!

  • From the first trade that you conduct with your new client, both of you will have to invest resources to introduce and launch your product to market. Where there is a price, be prepared and expect that there is always a cost!
  • Listen to what your client is proposing and don’t let your enthusiasm cloud your vision. It’s early days and there is a lot that needs to happen before the celebrations can begin.
  • Chances are there is very little that you will know about your new potential partner, and their market. Keep your expectations to a minimum. Any step forward is a step in the right direction!

Never forget: A good friend is more important than in an important stranger!

  • A committed individual investing and giving you a 100% is your most valuable asset. Don’t lose your hard to find friends!
  • Do all you can to support your client; having limited resources is no excuse!
  • Transparency is the best policy so be honest about your constraints from the beginning. It’s a long way to the top and people generally don’t like surprises!

TIP – Don’t try to burden your client with your problems; chances are they have their own headaches. Focus on making money with them, and not at their expense.

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